Why Women Like Dating Smart Guys

There are two qualities that always top women’s lists of the most attractive traits in men: confidence and intelligence. And it’s not surprising. Intelligent men are well-read, they are able to support any conversation, have good communication skills and a good sense of humor. Any woman wants to see a strong man next to her, the one with whom she feels safe. It’s not only about physical strength. It’s about the ability to make smart decisions, inventiveness, eloquence, and finding the way out of any difficult situation. Smart men make great dating material, which means that exciting dates are guaranteed. Here are five reasons women should give preference to smart and easy-going men rather than conceited shallow boys.

They emanate special vibes of nerdiness

Women are especially attracted to those men who are passionate about something. If a man is interested in a particular field of knowledge and can tell much about it with enthusiasm, it’s so sexy. There are many successful men, but it’s not their status that makes them charming in women’s eyes. The fact that a man is devoted to his hobby or job tells much about his personality.

They don’t seek approval

They do what they like and they don’t care what other people may think. Nerds realize that they are nerds already in school. When they become adults, they realize that it’s actually cool. They rise above the mediocrity, and women see it and like immensely. Smart men are too busy improving their skills and succeeding in what they do. Such concentration is admirable. It also gives women a hint that if a nerd becomes interested in them, he will do his best to win them.

They like smart women

Indeed, intelligent men have a good taste in women. While many men are afraid of smart girls, intelligent men want to meet ladies online with a compatible level of erudition. The reason for this is that they like challenges. They like to benefit from communicating with smart people like them, so they handpick the social environment, including romantic partners.

They seem promising to women

If a man is intelligent, it means his head on his shoulders is not just a body part. He exploits his intellectual capacities and it rarely results in failure. Natural intelligence and passion make a very powerful mixture that leads nerds to success. Women are confident in intelligent men and view them as reliable partners, because they know these men feel satisfied with their lives and never waste their time.

They accept their true selves Smart guys are sensible, so they don’t have any intention to make false impressions. They prefer to stay true to themselves and expect that others will accept them as they are. They tend to think that they and hot women are not in the same league. However, beautiful and smart women think different. They get instantly attracted to men who don’t view them as objects that need to be conquered by extraordinary behavior. Smart guys act naturally and this the most charming part about them.

Common Mistakes in Your Dating Profile You Need to Eliminate

The fact that your profile might not be very popular with the female audience of a particular dating site is indicative of one thing – it doesn’t stand out. In terms of off-line dating, your appearance, personality, and manners are your main “hooks”. When it comes to the online dating game, here your profile plays the role of that hook that represents different aspects of you, including appearance and personality. To navigate the dating pool, it’s important to have a good “ship”, that is a catchy dating profile. However, many men underestimate the power of a carefully completed profile. If you think your online dating profile needs some improvement, then it’s time to get rid of the following mistakes.

Inappropriate main photo. Your main profile photo is the first thing your potential matches see. Based on their first impression of you, they will decide whether to contact you (swipe right) or not. If your current main photo is a group picture, a photo of low quality, a photo in which you are wearing sunglasses/holding some alcohol drink/not smiling, you should immediately change your profile photo. All those types of photo are quite repelling for women, so they may be ignoring your profile because of it.

Not many pictures in the profile. You should remember one thing: the pictures you upload help you tell a story about your life, sort of support what you say in your bio. That’s why you should pick really meaningful pictures. Make sure your profile includes a picture of you with friends, some pictures from your trips, a photo of you involved in a certain activity, and a non-banal selfie. If you don’t add enough pictures, other users may think that you’re a secretive person hence suspicious.

Too long or too scarce bio. The profile sections, like “Bio” or “About Me”, are meant for giving some facts about your character, interests, and favorite pastimes. Usually, men go to two extremes – they either write long-reads or give a little information about themselves. Nobody is interested in reading your biography, the same as nobody wants to see a few words in your profile. That’s why keep it concise and informative – give some prominent traits of your character, describe your passions, and indicate what you’re looking for in terms of relationships.

Starting with “hi”. With a pretty high level of competition on dating sites, you can’t expect that your initial message that says only “hi” will get a response. You should get your potential date interested. The easiest way to start a dialog is to ask a question. It should concern something you’ve just seen or read in her profile.Focusing only on one woman. There are plenty of fish in the dating pool, so it’s not rational to contact only one woman at a time. Send initial messages to all women whose profiles evoke certain interest in you. You can learn whether you are good matches only through communication, so initiate dialogs and see where they go.